Modern Bedroom

One important aspect in the modern bedroom is the multipurpose use is being given, not only a stay to sleep or rest at home can also be booked for other activities.

In the bedroom the most important element is the bed. Once located, you can organize the space for a desk or create, for example, a cloakroom area or reading nook.

The bedroom is an intimate space is conceived as a haven away from the bustle, which seeks to find rest. In modern bedrooms, all about the comfort and the bed is the central element. Therefore, when planning the layout of the house, it is important to choose the room destined for the bedroom, taking into account the guidance given and where the window. For example, if possible, avoid the window gives a noisy street. It is also important that the bedroom is clear, so the storage system must be efficient to allow organizing clothes and accessories in a space, which usually is usually low. Foreverredwoord has some cool pergola kits & gazebo kits

The basic furniture

First you have to think what you need basic furniture (bed, wardrobe, tables) and how to divide the space between them. For example, if a very large room you will not place a large bed (2.15 mx 2.15 m), the tables can be deleted or replaced by a shelf. If you also opt for a sliding door closet, you will also gain some space.

Orient the bed

To place the bed in the right place, you should consider how the bedroom and the location of doors and windows. The most aesthetic, but not always possible to do, is to face the bed to the door and / or to the views (a terrace, for example) or place it parallel to the window (to take advantage of natural light), avoiding placing it under her or passing the air stream. The headboard is preferably against a wall. Once located the bed, will be around to it the necessary furniture (wardrobes, night tables, etc.).

In a square, you can place the bed in a side wall and fill the canvas opposite the header with a large closet, free or embedded. On both sides of the bed, the door windows and create an air stream which does not interfere with the zone of the bed. The rectangular shape allows the bed to face the windows and install a front side fitted wardrobes from floor to ceiling. The plant in L, supports more options: include a library, a corner for the study and one for reading.

A multipurpose room

Today, modern bedrooms have been converted into a multifunctional space in which, besides sleep and get better, you can read, listen to music, work, eat breakfast … To do this, around the bed, joins other furniture: bookcases, a desk, a table for the TV, an armchair to read or a module to place the stereo. Even if there is enough space, you can integrate a bath and / or dressing room.